Bug 3287cfm
  Bird 4605 cfm
  Buzzard 5994 cfm 

Not my car, but one of my mills.

  The new AFR BBF heads kill SCJ heads Link.

ā€‹Click to see 1000Hpā€‹

Why AFR heads.

468CID Big Block Chev with

GM rectangle port heads 

630Hp @ 6600RPM 557Tq @ 5300RPM

Cheap ProComp Heads

690Hp @6300RPM 600Tq @ 5500

TrickFlow Heads

691Hp @ 6400RPM 603Tq @ 5400

Dart Heads

717Hp @ 6500RPM 619Tq @ 5600RPM

AFR Heads

729Hp 6500RPM 639Tq @ 5400RPM

Maximum Torque is the Proof of Power Production. 

Another 468CID test

GM rectangle port heads

541Hp @ 6300RPM

510Tq @ 4800RPM

AFR oval port heads

622Hp  @ 6300RPM

569Tq @ 4800RPM


Wanting EFI, but don't want to pay $2000-$4000 for a System?

Here is a $1000 Solution...

The Go EFI 4 Self Tuning Fuel Injection is rated at 600 HP but is suitable for engines from 250 HP thru 600 HP.   This system is perfect for your everyday Driver right up to your weekend Street Machine or Bracket Racer.  It features the FASTEST most accurate Self Learning available, Timing control, Wet flow Annular discharge and tons of additional features.

It fits any 4-bbl intake manifold and is the most self-contained and full-featured unit of this type. The ECU (computer) is mounted on the throttle body, which greatly simplifies installation.   No hole in your firewall and no unsightly harness draped across your engine.  This is also the only computer mounted throttle body that offers spark control without the need for an external spark box or special distributor.   It also has a built-in fuel pressure regulator.  A hand-held controller features a touch screen for quick and easy initial set-up.

   Note that this EFI system can also be used with an engine compartment mounted Fuel Command Center, which provides a returnless system.

Turn any road into a dragstrip

G-TECH is the easiest, most effective way to measure the performance of your car before and after modifications. It's a dedicated-hardware device specificaly designed for vehicle-dynamics testing.

With this new High-Frequency GPS Technology the accuracy and the consistency is so superb that we encourage you to compare the results to your favorite track or dyno. 


I'm John Nijssen.    I am a Performance V8 Engine Builder.

This is the front page of my new website.

On the next page I have more information on what I can provide to you.

If you are seriously looking for an engine, you'll relate to it.

I get hundreds of hits to my sites every week, but only receive a few emails each day.

That tells me either you are just surfing the web, not really looking for a motor, or you will decide to buy one from another engine builder.

So I figure I will write this introduction and if you leave the site before reading to the bottom of the page, I gave it my best shot and there was no way you were ever going to have me provide you an engine.

So here goes...

In short this is what you need to know.

The price of any engine is the cost of the parts, most of them I sell at the same price as Summit and Jegs, which is about 6% over my cost, plus the labor.

To assembly a turnkey engine is $850 and machining adds about $500 to $750

A dyno test is $800 and just running the engine is $300.

If you compare my builds to the bigger crate engine companies on the East Coast and those sold on Summit and Jegs, you will find I make more power for less money, but it takes me longer to deliver an engine because I am a one man shop, I don't want to be anybody's boss I build the motor personally.

The engines I build either cost less or are more exotic than advertised create engines.

I do supercharged engines with Prochargers Hampton and Whipples.

I'm one of the few people build Banks Twin Turbo motors.

I can build Ford Turbo motors.

I do EFI engines.

I have looked at most of the websites selling performance engines, most will show a combination they think people will want and a price.

Some shops have the motor ready for delivery, others want a few weeks to build it.

It is true there are a few builders you should avoid, but you are safe buying from the bigger shops like


Proformance Unlimited

CNC Motorsports

The Engine Factory








and of course you can buy some of the above engines from Jegs and Summit Racing.

There are plenty of "high end engine builders who will take very good care of you.

Please check out these other builders so that you can better appreciate what I can do for you, especially in regards to cost. I typically cost less or make more power for the money.

While I am competing with these companies for business, I don't need to sell an engine a day,

and so I'm not going to talk to you like a salesman, doing my best to put a combination in your hands that I offer.

The bigger shops need to do that because they know building genuine custom combination is not as profitable.

Just shopping for parts that you don't keep in house, can use up hours of valuable time.

Instead I will discuss with you via email or phone what you are looking for, what you want to spend and what it will actually cost.

My goal is to do the best I can for you.

If you want a simple 383 Chev for under $4000 you can find them on ebay.

I can also build these lower cost engines, and I do, however because most of the engines I build go overseas, much of what I do is getting engines to people for less money than buying from shops not so interested in exports.

Therefore I have a trusted shop I have build budget Chev 383s and Ford 347s for me.

Then I start them up to make sure everything works correctly, then ship it in a way resulting in lower cost.

That being said  most of the engines I build are for people wanting something special.

I try my best to provide an engine with the best heads for the application, typically AFR.

Many of the engines get American made crankshafts rather than Chinese, but you tell me what you want.

I will show some of the types of engines I build on the next page so if you have read this far you will likely click through to it

so I'll just wrap up this page by saying I provide solutions, if you write to me I will reply and you can decide if I'm your guy.

If you just need parts I also bundle things together to share shipping cost, especially to NZ.

Often you will need a transmission and differential to go with the motor, I do that.

I am working on webpages featuring popular combinations, but this is a new website I built for a new ad campaign and I am still working on it, but the bottom line is if you tell me what you want I will do my best to provide you the best deal.

At the top of the page you will see Site Map. Take a look as all the page links are there and there are a ton of them.


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