Next up is the Valvetrain.

 I can't possibly list every possible choice so I will highlight a few.

 Flat Tappet Camshaft kit Begining At $125

Lunati BareBones camshaft and lifter kits are designed to produce more usable power from your engine than ever before. They feature a set of Lunati street performance lifters and a performance camshaft. At an affordable price, the Lunati BareBones camshaft and lifter kits are an excellent choice for street and mild engine builds. Bring your stock engine rebuild to life with Lunati power! 

 Hydraulic Roller Camshaft Kit Begining at $350

 The best hydraulic roller lifters by far are Johnson

 capable or revving over 8000RPM

 1050 Pushrods begin at $30.

 Chrome-Moly 4130 correct length begin at $100

 Rockers begin at $40 for stamped steel

 I don't use Chinese roller rockers.

 For full roller rockers I like Scorpion $275

 For a stronger rocker Comp Cam Chrome-Moly $370

 Shaft mount rocker are not needed until you begin turning over 7000RPM

 You will also need a timing set, beginning at $35

ACT Prolite Xact Flywheels are designed to provide significantly improved engine response and acceleration at an affordable price. 
* Lighter and stronger than OE flywheels
* Better drivability and durability
* Recommended for street use and drag racing
* Designed using the latest CAD and Finite Element Analysis software
* CNC-machined and dynamically computer-balanced for smooth operation at extremely high rpm
* Entire forgings are heat-treated for strength and toughness
* Tight tolerances for fit, concentricity, and parallelism
* Adequate material behind the friction surface for excellent heat capacity
* One-piece construction for reduced failure and uniform, efficient heat transfer—no more warped inserts
* Integral ring gears are induction-hardened for longer gear life and weight reduction where it matters most—eliminates gear breakage or separation 
* Ring gears are cut with lead-in chamfers for better starter engagement and to prevent rounding-off gear teeth
* SFI-certified

Choosing the correct camshaft profile is critically important.

The lower the @ .500 lift intake duration the more torque the engine will make under 4000RPM.

Increasing duration will raise the peak horsepower number as peak torque is elevated in the RPM scale.

I will help you select the ideal camshft

I do a turnkey 383 engine for $6500.

You can have it with 9.5:1 CR for low octane fuel and a short duration cam for max torque at low RPM, or a 500Hp combination, same price.

I am able to offer this engine a veriations of it because Imade an aggreement with a very large engine building company you may have found on the web because their pricing is amoung the lowest in the world.

Rather than compete I just have them supply parts and engines to me.

If you are looking at engines at lower prices than theirs you are looking at lower quality.

Over there years most engine builders have learn what low price parts to avoid.

Got questions, just ask.

King SI-Series main bearings are recommended for OE applications. These replacement bearings are designed for aftermarket gasoline or diesel engine rebuilding—and performance engines with factory crankshafts. The bearings have an improved crankshaft finish for reducing microscopic ferrite peaks on improperly ground or polished nodular cast iron crankshafts. King SI-Series main bearings feature improved oil clearance to reduce wear and increase engine life, which in turn reduces operating noise, vibration, and excess oil flow. Order the set designed for fitment on your make and model.

Chevrolet Performance LS3  hydraulic roller lifters are designed as direct replacements for your engine. These lifters were designed for use by GM to be used in performance engine builds and incorporate improved valving to allow higher rpm capability.

The exchange rate between the US dollar and most currency dramatically raises the cost of building a V8 engine.

$10,000 spend in America can quickly turn into $15,000 local dollars or 9000 Euro.

An engine's cost is the sum of the parts used and the labor involved.

Working with my supplies I've compiled a list of parts beginning with the lowest cost and moving up to the more expensive stuff.

I can supply just individual parts for the "do it yourself builder" to a complete turnkey engine.

To give you some idea of cost I have written the following

When you need the best, you go to a specialist—and for the best bearings, you see King Engine Bearings. King focuses on one product—bearings—and nothing else. Their innovative, race-only Xtreme Performance tri-lecular main bearings are proven track-tough to handle the ground-shaking power of your race engine. Built with enhanced tri-metal, these XP-Series main bearings layer copper lead construction with a nickel plate barrier and a lead/tin/copper babbit overlay over a steel backing in an adhesion process that provides superior stability and durability. King's advanced control measures hit a bull's-eye, maintaining wall thickness tolerances far tighter than their competitors—an amazing +/- .0001 in.! These XP-Series main bearings are narrowed for large radii crankshafts and feature enlarged, chamfered oil holes with full, 3/4, or 1/2 grooving for improved oiling. How many reasons do you need to use a specialist? King XP-Series main bearings deliver consistent and reliable performance with a high-load capacity, and the prognosis from the specialists is a long and happy life for your engine.

King HP-Series main bearings are recommended for street and strip performance applications. They're designed for blown, turbocharged, NOS, and alcohol-fueled engines using aftermarket crankshafts. These main bearings have greater eccentricity for superior oiling at high rpm, and a chamfered surface for large radii crankshafts. HP-Series bearings also feature large, chamfered oil holes—and are available in 1/2 grooving for improved oiling to withstand high-rpm applications. Order the bearings designed for fitment with your specific engine.

For similar information on Fords or big block write to me below.

If you want the most power you need the most CID, 434. 

With a low RPM combination, 560Tq is on the table, for street strip racing well over 600Hp.

Expect to spend $10,000

• Cold forged steel body heat-treated for exceptional wear resistance.
• Precision ground needle roller bearing with high chromium steel axle for long life and minimal friction.
• Cold forged extra-long piston, precision ground and fitted for controlled leak down and pump up.
• High flow disc-style quick reacting check valve for better reaction at higher RPM.
• Precision oil metering assuring proper oiling to the rocker arms without sacrificing oil pressure.
• Proprietary tie-bar system
• All hydraulic lifters are available with short travel, variable duration lift, and axle oiling featur

Based on what I wrote about the 46500 SBC I can supply a BBC 572 for $11,000 or a 496 2 bolt main for $9500


I can build you an engine with a GMC style blower, a Procharger or the cheaper Torqstorm.

Turbocharging is the best power adder for the street but a more complicated build.

  If you calculate for the lowest cost stroker kit you will come to approximately $1000.

 If you want a forged crank and piston kit plan on at least $2000

 Contact me and I'll help you choose the best parts for your combination 

 Cylinder Heads.

 For lower RPM engines say for a light truck stock heads will do the job.

 Stepping up to a 383 CID makes the additional torque you are wanting.

However, reconditioning used iron heads might cost $500.

 For $600 you can have better Asian aluminum heads,

There are brands to avoid, I provide those brands I have confidance in.

 The cheapest decent heads are Flotek. $800 

 ProMaxx 200cc are very good, as are NBK 200cc.

The castings are good quality and the flow numbers can make 500Hp.

For low RPM Tq I use small intake runner heads.

 The best for the street and most racing are AFR

 You will need head gaskets, and blots to build a long block.

 If you want the oil pan, timing cover, intake manifold and valve covers, I do a $5500 combination.

 Step it up to a turnkey with an alternator on board $6500.

 If you find a lower price combination, then you can figure they are using cheaper parts.

 A well-known supplier of Chinese parts can build you a motor for $4000.

 If that's what you want you will find it on ebay.

 If you are in the market for American built V8 engine contact me and let's talk details.


1 Stock 2 Vortec 3 Edelbrock 4 Summit 5 Speedway 6 Jegs 7 Dart  8 Patriot

Horsepower Chart

RPM     1      2     3     4      5      6    7      8
3,600 270 270 264 268 270 275 272 275
3,800 270 289 285 287 289 296 295 292
4,000 288 307 308 311 309 317 315 314
4,200 303 325 327 331 327 336 333 333
4,400 317 341 341 348 340 351 347 348
4,600 329 351 354 361 352 362 362 362
4,800 336 362 366 374 362 374 374 376
5,000 343 371 375 384 370 383 384 387
5,200 350 376 382 392 378 391 395 398
5,400 354 378 386 399 381 399 406 406
5,600 356 376 390 402 380 403 411 412
5,800 358 370 394 405 380 407 413 418
6,000 355 360 395 403 381 408 419 420


 Seasoned 1 or 2 piece real seal finished machine GM Block $850

 New GM Block $1200 (not stroker clearanced)

 Dart SHP Finished Machined Block $2400

 Dart Little M Finished Machined Block $3500

 Aluminum Blocks Over $5000

 Assembled with a crank kit add $400

 I do an Assembled Short Block Combination is 3 Compression Ratio choices for $3000

Coming soon Big Block Chev Page.

Max build 632 CID 800 plus Hp

Starting at $13,500

Contact me for guidance in choosing Compression Ratios.

 Chevrolet 383 crank kits, just add up the cost of the parts you want in it.

 There are additional options not listed.


 Eagle Cast Steel (high nodular iron) $200

 Scat STD Weight Cast $235

 Scat ProComp $270

 Eagle Forged 4340 Steel $650

 Scat STD Weight Forged $750

 CompStar $850

 CompStar Comet(lightweight) $(80

 Lunati American Made $1850

 Callies Magnum $2100

 Balance Kit $200

 Connecting Rods:-

 Eagle 5140 SIR $240

 Scat 4340 Through Bolt $290

 Scat ICR Cap-screw $320

 Scat H-Beam $450

 Scat Lightweight H-Beam $590

 CompStar H-beam $625

 Manley I-beam $750

 Crower American Made $1200

 Callies H-Beam $1300

 Oliver I-Beam $1400

 Carrillo $2000

 Pistons:- (I will help you choose the right piston compression ratio)

 Summit Racing Hypereutectic $175

 Speed-Pro Hypereutectic $200

 KB Hypereutectic $220

 Icon Forged FHR 4032 $350

 DDS Racing 2618 $460 (pricing varies due to options)

 SRP 4032 $590

 Speed-Pro VMS-75 $600

 AutoTec Custom Made 4032 $600

 Icon 2618 $650

 Racetec 2618Custom Made $700

 Rings:- (Plasma-Moly)

 Summit Racing $65

 Sealed Power $75

 Mahle $100

 Perfect Circle $100

 JE $105

 Total Seal $110

 Hell-Fire $150

 Gapless $200

 Total Seal Steel Top $350

 Main Bearings:- (I like King, other brands are available)

 SI Series $20

 HP Series $55

 XP Series $60

 Rod Bearings :-

 SI $20

 HP $75

 XP $75

 Rear Seal $5 to $50

 Most 383 Engines I build are based on the later one-piece rear seal roller cam blocks.

 I use a PTFE seal which MUST BE install dry, NO OIL.

 PTFE Seal $20

 Flexplates come in many brands and pricing.  Most are made in Asia somewhere.

 I have found some do not have the ring gear weld on in the best location and causes problems for the starter motor.

 The lowest-priced flexplates are $20, the most expensive $750

 I mostly use a $105 TCI brand.

 Harmonic Balancers price from $40 to over $1500

 For a lower-cost cast crank build a Summit Racing ProStreet or Professional Products is god quality for $75

 For $100 the Summit Racing SFI rated balancer is a great choice.

 For a really good balancer, people choose $350 ATI.

 If you need a Flywheel Pricing begins at $70 for a stock iron one and climb to over $500.

 These $280 ACT are nice


 You will need Bolts