Dart SHP Block $1675

Dart Little M Block $2350

Little M w/ Steel Caps $2850

Bore Block Diamond Hone w/ Deckplate Surface true $575

Heads are real important to the power output of the engine. Just like Goldilocks,not too big, not too small. Small ports make more low RPM power and crisp throttle response. Big ports make big horsepower.  RPM and CID are the primary consideration and of course dollars. For most applications I'm going to recommend AFR. ​Don't have enough money, RHS has great iron heads, and I can offer you some very good import heads. We will discuss together the best heads for your motor to make sure you get what works best for you. Once we have the heads squared away, we can choose the camshaft duration to work in tandem then the intake manifold.
These three piece are the most critical components for any engine's tune-up.

This was a lower cost 383 engine all dressed up to look nice. About 450Hp

I can supply short blocks

  EFI Carbs
3,000 266 466 271 474
3,300 313 498 306 487
3,600 356 519 361 527
3,900 405 546 408 550
4,200 459 574 463 579
4,500 518 605 528 616
4,800 557 609 571 625
5,100 596 614 612 630
5,400 627 610 648 631
5,700 657 605 678 625
6,000 684 598 701 614
6,300 694 578 709 591
6,600 704 560 720 573
6,900 713 543 724 551
7,000 711 533 720 540

I use Hydraulic Roller Camshafts in most of my motors.

If you really need a flat tappet cam 

Engine CID choices range from 327 all the way to 434.

I realize $5000 spent in the US cost much more overseas.

I do what I can to minimize the cost increases from shipping taxes and middle men markups.

While I'd love to sell $20,000 all day long, I know most of us don't have that kind of money to blow, so write to me, find out if I'm really the right "GoTo Guy" for you.

Pistons. Speed-Pro Hypereutectic are the lowest cost.

Icon has affordable Forged Pistons.

Finally when needed we can custom make a set.

Connecting Rods 

The lowest cost rods are made from 5140 steel.

I mostly use 4340 in a variety of I-Beam and H-Beam configurations.

​American made Billet Rods cost almost $1000

From there we consider the crankshaft

Cast Iron, Cast Steel, 5140 Forged Steel 4340 Forged Steel, Import or American.

The lowest price crank is under $250, all the way up to $2000.

An Import 4340 is about $600.

An American made starts at $800

I build or supply a wide choice of Chev engines.
This is a new website, I will continue to add content, so check back later, see what's new. I build most engines myself, some I have short blocks built for me and complete myself, other more lower budget price motors I have completely built for me. Every build starts with a spending budget. From there we work together to choose the parts that are affordable and meet the performance and strength requirements. The choose of blocks are older seasoned driver-side dipstick or later passenger-side. Then the one piece rear seal roller cam blocks. Then we step up to a Dart SHP block, and for seriously powerful engines the Dart Little M.

Lower Cost Engines

When it comes to low cost Chevrolet engines it is tough to beat GM at their own game.

I can supply the full range of GM built engines.

I believe I can land them in your country at a lower price than you see advertised locally.

I buy from Pace Performance.

Their freight charge is $100 add to their advertised price.

I will sell to you below their advertised price.

these are just three examples of many available.

Here is their engines page

I can supply you what you see there.