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Gm Built Engine. I only export this engine as internal shipping cost makes domestic purchase impractical.
Ocean shipping cost to most countries is $500 Local import fees and taxes not included.
$2800 260Hp

    350 Cubic inches 4.00" Bore, 3.47" stroke
        8.3:1 compression ratio. Reglar Gasoline (while GM advertises 8.5:1 I measured 8.27:1)
        260 HP @4400 rpm
        350 ft. lbs of torque @ 3600 rpm
        Block cast iron, 2 piece rear main seal 4 bolt main
        Crankshaft- Nodular Iron 1985 and older flywheel bolt pattern.
        Powdered Metal Connecting rods
        Cast Aluminum Pistons
        G.M. High Volume Pump Oil Pump
        Hydraulic Flat tappet Camshaft
            Intake Lift-.383" Exhaust Lift-.401"
            Intake Duration @ .050"- 194 Exhaust Duration @.050"- 202
            Lobe Separation-112
        Cylinder Heads- part # 14034808, casting #33417369, 1.94" Intake valve, 1.50" Exhaust Valve, 76cc Combustion Chamber, 7 Bolt style Exhaust Flange Standard, 85' and prior intake manifold bolt pattern. Perimeter bolt style Valve Covers. This head is very similar to the old #882 castings from the 1970's

    Package Includes:
        Edelbrock Performer EPS Intake Manifold
        Edelbrock 4 Barrel 600 cfm electric choke, vacuum secondary Carburetor
        Mechanical fuel pump
        14" Chrome Air Cleaner
        8" Harmonic balancer
        168 teeth Flex-plate
        HEI Distributor, Spark Plugs, Wires
        PCV and chrome breather
        Water outlet with thermostat
        Oil Filter
        Oil Dipstick & Tube
        GMs warranty - Void outside the USA

        Add $300 and I will run the motor for 1 hour under light load to break in the camshaft and look for any signs of problems.

        Additionally I will add a limited warranty for overseas purchase.