Summit Racing Sells a Blueprint Brand short block that is similar but uses lower cost parts. 

CR with 68cc Heads will be 9.9:1 $2000




These are the cheapest parts that are quality Trust Worthy

Seasoned GM Roller Cam 1 Piece Rear Seal Block
Scat Pro Comp 9000 Cast Steel Crank
Scat 4340 7/16 Bolt 6 inch Rods
Speed-Pro Hypereutectic 12cc Pistons to make 10.3:1 CR with 64cc Heads
King Aluminum Silicone Bearings
Fel-Pro Rear Seal Kit

Crank Balanced and Short Block Assembled $2450




Summit has a Blueprint Long block without the balancer and flexplate for and a Flat tappet Camshaft $3600 or $3900 with a Roller Cam.

Their Motor cost less because they use cheaper parts.

I could use the same parts, but why when I can just buy them all assembled together.

I will buy it for you and either ship it or complete it if you need a lower cost combination than I build.


ProMaxx 200cc 64cc heads. Capable of 500Hp
Fel-Pro Head Gaskets
Fel-Pro Head Fasteners



TrickFlow 230.234 @ .050 Lift Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
LS3 Hydraulic Roller Lifters
Lifter Retainer Kit
Double Roller Timing Set
Chrome-Moly Pushrods
Full Roller Rockers

Assembled to a Long Block $4800