I can send small packages by Post Office, but any more that two aluminum cylinder heads cost more than a full pallet by ocean.

If you want an engine flown to you, expect it to cost over $2500

You can pay for shipping included with your motor or pay for it when it arrives with your import fees. It works out the same price, I'm not making a profit on shipping therefore my export shipping cost is lower than other engine builders.

You do pay me for the pallet, the engine cradle, the labor to load the pallet and the cost to drive 200 miles round trip to the shipping company, typically $200.


I ship mostly on plastic pallets.

I use Able Cargo, EDI International and Kiwi Shipping.

These companies are car transporters.

Their loading is much safer than using a general shipping company.

Insurance is available.

The cost is approximately $600. GST to Australia is 10% with no duty.

New Zealand is 15% GST and 5% duty.

Europe is brutal with well over 20% VAT

I can help reduce these costs.

 I can sometimes combine loads.