If you are looking for the cheapest I can buy a base from a mass production shop like ATK and build on that, probably $6000 Turnkey

A real performance engine is going the start pricing from $7500

Here is a price guide to help give you an idea of how the price of an engine is produced

$950 Seasoned Machined 302 or 351 Windsor Later Model Roller Cam Block

The price increased $100 in 2018 as Southern California ran out and we had to start to bring them in from out States.

$2600 Finish Machine Dart SHP Block Bored 4.155" to 4.200".

Dart blocks have extended cylinder length to better accommodate a 4.250" stroke for around 460CID

$700  4340 Forged Steel Crankshaft 

The price of Chinese cranks and rods when up due to the trade war. The cheapest crank is an Eagle cast steel $310.

A better Scat cast crank is $400.

Forged 4340 Steel Eagle $650 / Lanuti $750 / Scat  $800 American made Callies and Crower around $2000

$360 Scat 6.20 ICR 4340 I-Beam Rods

ICR rods are the strongest lower cost rods I use. Pro I-Beams are better starting at $450.

I use H-Beams when I have to. American rods like Oliver start at $1400

$580  Forged Pistons  AutoTec Custom Made

I use custom made piston to optimize the numbers, rod length and compression ratio.

AutoTec are 4030 aluminum running 0.003" cold clearance

RaceTec are 2016 softer more ductile therefore resisting detonation longer costing approx $800 per set

$120  Rings Plasma-Moly Total Seal

The best rings are gapless top Napier second and cost almost $400

$200  Balance Crankshaft

$40   Main Bearing King Aluminum Silicon.  I like King bearings. Here are your Choices

$40 King SI-Series main bearings are recommended for OE applications. These replacement bearings are designed for aftermarket gasoline or diesel engine rebuilding—and performance engines with factory crankshafts. The bearings have an improved crankshaft finish for reducing microscopic ferrite peaks on improperly ground or polished nodular cast iron crankshafts. King SI-Series main bearings feature improved oil clearance to reduce wear and increase engine life, which in turn reduces operating noise, vibration, and excess oil flow. Order the set designed for fitment on your make and model.

$90 When you need the best, you go to a specialist—and for the best bearings, you see King Engine Bearings. King focuses on one product—bearings—and nothing else. Their innovative, race-only Xtreme Performance tri-lecular main bearings are proven track-tough to handle the ground-shaking power of your race engine. Built with enhanced tri-metal, these XP-Series main bearings layer copper lead construction with a nickel plate barrier and a lead/tin/copper babbit overlay over a steel backing in an adhesion process that provides superior stability and durability. King's advanced control measures hit a bull's-eye, maintaining wall thickness tolerances far tighter than their competitors—an amazing +/- .0001 in.! These XP-Series main bearings are narrowed for large radii crankshafts and feature enlarged, chamfered oil holes with full, 3/4, or 1/2 grooving for improved oiling. How many reasons do you need to use a specialist? King XP-Series main bearings deliver consistent and reliable performance with a high-load capacity, and the prognosis from the specialists is a long and happy life for your engine

$20  Rod Bearings King SI

$75 King HP-Series rod bearings were developed mainly for drag race applications needing a material harder than the babbit top layer. These applications demanded a structure that could withstand high loads for short durations and still offer higher embeddabilty and compatibility. In response, King developed the HP-Series featuring the Alecular metal structure.

The HP-Series is also suited for many performance applications with nodular cast iron crankshafts, such as street, strip, and some levels of Circle Track racing.

HP-Series bearings are particularly suitable for the following cases:

* When a tri-metal bearing's babbit overlay extrudes over the sides, migrates to one end, or is physically removed by the crankshaft
* When the intermediate layer of a tri-metal bearing is exposed, damaging the crank journal and requiring expensive grinding or replacement
* When contaminants enter the oil stream, scratching and damaging the crankshaft journals

$90 King XP-Series rod bearings feature advanced metallurgical and geometric technologies that meet extreme performance loads. They were developed for all performance applications that use forged steel aftermarket crankshafts and produce high loads for extended periods.

King focuses on one product--bearings--and nothing else. Their innovative race-only Xtreme Performance pMax Black Tri-Metal rod bearings have a 24 percent stronger overlay and 17 percent more fatigue strength by using a micro process called SecureBond. Built with enhanced tri-metal, King XP-Series rod bearings layer copper-lead construction with a nickel plate barrier and a lead/tin/copper babbit overlay over a steel backing in an adhesion process that provides superior stability and durability. King's advanced control measures hit a bull's-eye, maintaining wall thickness tolerances far tighter than their competitors--at an amazing +/- .0001 in.! XP-Series rod bearings are narrowed on the crank cheek side with increased crush height for improved bearing-to-bore contact, heat transfer, and reduced spin potential in high-rpm applications. 

XP Bearings are not as long wearing as HP

$20  Cam Bearings

$125 Harmonic Balancer. There are many options. First it will depend if the crank was balanced internally or externally. Then the pulley spacing needs to be considered, and then if it is SFI certified or not. Perhaps the best rated balance is an ATI at $350 or more.

$100 Flexplate TCI

$1550 AFR 185cc Heads (Now $1600 as are the new 195cc which I prefer maybe 5Hp. AFR 220cc are $2100 and need to be on a high RPM build. ProMaxx 175cc $1050)

$285  Hydraulic Roller Camshaft. The camshaft determines where peak horsepower(Hp) will occur. The longer the duration the high the RPM and higher the Hp number, however the higher the RPM the less torque(Tq) at lower RPM, the less vacuum at idle and the loppier that idle. The graph shows a comparison between a 216 @ .050 duration and 260. The blue lines are Tq and there is a 90ft'lbs difference at 2500 RPM. The Hp difference at 6000 RPM is 150. Not peak Tq remains the same but shifts 500 RPM. Having more Tq at lower RPM is preferable in a street car. Drag Racing where peak RPM is used 3 times through the gears will favor more Hp.

$150  Ford Racing Hydraulic Roller Lifters. I have found this brand works well to 6500 RPM   

$50   Timing Chain Set  with Torrington thrust bearing.

$40   Comp Cams Lifter Retention Kit  

$100  Trickflow 4140 Chrome-moly Pushrods

$360  Comp Cams Chrome-Moly Roller Rockers 1.6-7/16

$80   2 Fel-Pro Head Gaskets .040"

$65   ARP Head Bolts 

$350  Edelbrock RPM Airgap (now $355)

$45   Melling High Volume Oil Pump. I do recommend the better $90 pump, but it will require a higher capacity oil pan. 

Melling's years of experience are apparent in these Performance oil pumps. They boast a CNC-machined body and cover and hardened steel gears that are up to 25 percent longer, providing additional flow to performance engines with wider bearing clearances. Their drive and idler shafts have been extended into the cover to provide additional support and eliminate dynamic shaft deflection.

$15   Melling Oil Pump Pickup  

$20   Oil Pump Drive  

$140  5 Quart Oil Pan. Many choice and pricing First I need to know front or rear sump. I like Kevko pans.

$75 Flexible Dipstick

$20   Oil Filter

$50   Assembly Bolts  

$60   Valve Covers PCV Breather. Many options 

$60   Head Gaskets

$80   Plug  Plug Wires. Many choices. I like ceramic boots.

$50   Wire Separators  

$20   NGK Spark Plugs

$370 Distributor. Many choices. I like ready to run.

$50   Coil. Many choices.

$500 Carburetor. Many many choices. If you want a TBI EFI I recommend Holley Sniper starting at $1000

$90   Aircleaner   

$850  Labor To assemble A Turnkey Engine.

$250 Run Engine To Inspect

$800  Dyno Test

Shipping will vary based on distance.

Other items that can be added.

Water Pump

Alternator and Brackets And Pulleys or complete Accessories Kit


There's a lot of heat pouring off a car engine—particularly a racer—and one way to add some protection is by installing a set of Taylor Extreme Series ThunderVolt 8.2mm spark plug wires. Ultra-high performance ignition wire sets are loaded with features and benefits, including:
* 50 ohms of resistance per foot
* 100 percent silicone 2-layer jacket
* Ferrite spiral-wound coated core
* Ceramic spark plug boots, effective up to 2,000 degrees F
* RFI- and EMI-compatible for all ignition systems
* Dyno-tested to outperform the competition
* Superior spark energy
* Increased horsepower
* Significant torque gains
* Smoother idle
* Improved fuel economy
* Universal, race, and custom-fit sets available

Windsor Strokers 331 to 471

Add some serious firepower to your ignition system with the Inferno 2 coil! The Inferno 2 coils were designed to outperform all stock and other aftermarket coils. Inferno 2 coils are universal and will work with most ignition systems except for HEI and our DUI Distributors. The coils have been tested to withstand engine heat and extremely high temperatures. If you currently have a tachometer or later install one, all the necessary hardware to complete the installation is included. The higher voltage output of the Inferno 2 coils will allow spark plug gaps to be opened up .010 in. larger than the factory plug gap. In some applications the gap can be opened up as much as .055 in. The Inferno 2 coil can be easily mounted anywhere in the engine compartment.