Custom Performance Engines

My name is John Nijssen (aka Stroker John) and I have been building engines for 40 years. 
In 2002 I began using the internet and a website to let people around the world know I am here to help them obtain V8 engines.
While I do build most of the engines myself being a one-man business, I also help people obtain engines from other builders and used engines from, Craigslist and ebay.

I had been sending quite a few engines to Australia before the exchange rate widened.
Currently, it takes $1.50AU to buy $1.00US. 
The exchange rate was close to 1 to1 until 2014.
Before that date, I was sending engines to Australia, but now it is mostly parts.
Compare pricing on Summit Racing to local pricing to see if there is any advantage from buying in the US.
Mostly I am sending out stuff you just can't find locally.

Below I compare a Ford 347 built in Australia costing $14,975AU and I believe I could provide the same combination for $13,265AU saving $1710AU, however, there are greater saving for building higher-end parts engines.

It seems Blueprint Engines has targeted Australia and New Zealand and is shipping engines to dealers to have them available for immediate pickup. This is the same as GM is doing their crate engines.
While I can ship those brands to Oz for a few dollars less, what is the point in winning the race to the bottom?
Instead, I want to provide builds that are more powerful or more difficult to obtain.

If you have been googling V8 engines and found my site you likely know who you can buy and engine from in the United States.
I am just one of approximately fifty performance V8 engine builders. There are still thousand or local engine reconditioning shops, however, most are now gone. This is an international trend as the longevity of engines greatly improved from the 1980s on. 

Some shops only high-end engines, others target streetcars only and a few the lowest price.
Over the many years, I've done a little of everything, monster horsepower combination, vintage engines like Oldsmobile Rocket  Buick big blocks FE Fords and Chev MK1 big blocks.
I use photos throughout the site to showcase previous work.

I am a one-man shop. I work with a friend who does the machine work and dyno testing for me. CPR Engines

As such I don't inventory engines, everything is a custom build, typically something the bigger shops do not provide, like big block Fords with AFR or Kasse heads.

Clevelands and Clevors with Trickflow heads.

Motors with stack injection.

Turbocharged engines and of course the common small and big block Chev builds.

This is why you are reading a narrative rather than looking at prices for crate engines.
Every combination has been unique. You can buy lower price crate engines from Blueprint Engines (Marshall Engines)

If you want something special I can help you figure out what it will take.

I show you the many parts options and provide computer dyno simulations to help you select the right camshaft, heads or manifold.

Today more people are interested in EFI, I will tell you what I know about there various brands, especially those I have found to be troublesome.

It all starts with you using this contact form and asking questions about what you want.

I reply to every inquiry even knowing maybe one in fifty is actually looking to build an engine.

I have personally replied to thousands of emails over the last eighteen years.

Use this form below to contact me.

A custom engines builder at work

I write replies in the same style as I write in my website. I'm not a sales and marketing guy, I'm a "motorhead" a technical guy interested in talking about engine performance and construction.

I will do my best to give you good information and advice, I'm not going to try to "close" on you.

Many hot rodder like to build their own engines, so I can supply you with parts.

Here is how it works.

You send money from Australia to the US to pay for the parts or an engine.

I recommend using OFX

There are minimal fees compared to transferring money via a bank wire.

I don't accept credit cards directly, but OFX does charging the fee they must pay for doing so.

Engine payment may be broken down into installments.

Then the engine or parts is shipped in a car transport container which is safer than general cargo.

Click Ameroz Image for more information.

You pay for space by volume.

This is very important. If you were to buy a pair of cylinder heads from Summit Racing you would then pay air shipping, which might be $500US.

I can put it in the container for say $50US.

An engine might cost $450US.

The free trade agreement avoids import taxes, but you will pay 10% GST on the declared value.

Unfortunately, you are going to pay a further $400AU for and engine to Customs for quarantine inspection fees. Most countries do not charge this extra fee.

I am awhare of some of the attitudes of the Australian governments. You guys have it tough, but then do we all.

Let's compare some pricing.

AFR 195cc Heads advertised in Australia $2890AU ($2090US)

US price $1650 Shipping $100 Total $2420AU

10% Tax $242AU Plus Inspection fee $100 Total $2762AU

The declared value is an important consideration.

At first, the saving may not look great, but add custom pistons, a crankshaft and rods, camshaft and lifters, rockers, manifold, you get the picture, hundreds turn into thousands of dollars save, and only paying for quarantine BS one time.

How come everyone doesn't buy their parts from me?

I get my GMC style superchargers from Don Hampton.

Rather than repeating myself take a look around this website.

Much of what I put on the New Zealand applies to Australia.

There are tons of videos

on my youtube channel

American Built Performance V8 Engines Supplied To Australians At American Pricing.

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Here is a combination built in Australia

Ford 347 $14,975AU

Seasoned factory 302 ford block
Sonic tested and pressure tested cylinder block
SCAT 3.40” crankshaft
 beam rods with Arp 8740 bolts
hypereutectic pistons
BG Engines profile custom hydraulic camshaft
Comp cams hyd lifters
Comp cams roller timing chain

Premium gaskets throughout
Edelbrock alloy heads 

Edelbrock airgap intake manifold
Alloy valve covers
Crow Cams pushrods
Comp Cams USA roller rockers
7/16 screw in studs and hardened guide plates
Mellings oil pump and oil pick up.
High volume and baffled oil pan

This same combination built over here would cost $11,100AU

Plus Shipping $600AU

Government Fees $400AU

10% GST $11675AU

Total $13,265AU