LS Engines.

If you are overseas and want an LS engine, I can supply complete USED engine packages. 


Typically an LS6 5.7L with approx. 150,000 miles cost $3500

An LS3 with with transmission 100K miles $9000

2013 Camaro ZL1 LSA Supercharged Engine w/ 6-Speed Auto Transmission $20,000

2010 CTS-V LSA Supercharged Engine w/ 6L90 Automatic 6-Speed Transmission $17,000

Now available a solution to the high cost of racing fuel.

Race Gas is not an octane booster, but it will genuinely increase octane.

$2 per ounce will raise any gasoline 2 octane points per US gallon.

So to raise 10 gallons of California 91 octane @ $3.80 per gallon to 95 octane and allow a CR of 11.5:1 with a 236 @ .050 In Dur. with aluminum heads will cost you $20 for 10oz, plus $38  for the 10 gallons, which works out to $5.80 per gallon.

Or you could buy 5 gallons of Motorsport 100 octane for $85, mix it 50/50 for 95.5 octane at a cost of $10.4 per gallon.

Klotz 108 is $12.20 per gallon so adding 3.75 gallons to 91 to make cost to 95 octane would cost $6.95 per gallon.

Klotz 118 leaded gasoline is $14.2 per gallon. Mixing 2 gallons with 91 will get you close to 95 octane, at $5.88 per gallon

So if you use N2O or a blower, you can just carry a can of race Gas on board and tip the can when to plan to use you increased cylinder pressure potential and not have a tank of racing gasoline that you don't need at less than full throttle.

Free Computer Dyno Program for Ten Days.

The Performance Trends Engine Analyzer Pro is the best computer dyno program available. 

I am not affiliated with the product

I am a New Zealander living in the USA since 1982.

Before that I completed an apprenticeship in New Zealand as an Automotive Machinist graduating top of my class.

I then built an altered and did some drag racing.

Then the plan was to move to California and get a job on a top fuel team.

I did get a short stint at doing that, but the team dissolved and without intending to I found myself working in a machine shop and before I knew it I was married and twenty years had gone by.

It was then I decided to began building custom performance V8 engines in 2001.

I came to the USA because I wanted to work on V8 engines, but there is no fun in building stock motors and rather than working for someone else I open Stroker Engine.

As a "Motorhead" I will discuss any type of motor.

I keep an eye open for the latest thinking in performance improvements.

While I show a number of motor options in this site, they are only examples, I can come up with most anything you want.

When it is over my head, I have people who step up to help me.

I do Clevelands, I don't feature a "crate" engine version as most tend to be Clevors, however there are still a few 351C blocks around to build more stock looking combinations.

Recent combinations I have built include a Ford Windsor for a hualing truck making 580 torque at 3500rpm, a small block Chev making 715 horsepower for a dirt drag trike.

I'm currently building a 765CID BBC.

There is still a lot to do, but so far I have made

a manifold, oil pan, rocker stands and pushrods.

I did this big block Mopar using an 8-71 blower to make 875Hp at 6000rpm on pump petrol.

A big block 540 Chev kicking out 710Hp at 5500rpm.

I've done 590 BBCs for trucks needing 700 torque,

including a line of 590CId BBCs running on

natural gas, including a 705CID beast

I have plenty of videos, here are links to my two sites



I intend this site as both a place to find engines and also a tech resource, although you will need to dig through my site there is tons of stuff here.

Check out the Tech Page, I'm constantly adding to it.

If you are still with me, let's move to page 2 before I over load the html on this page

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This 557 BBF made 722Hp at 5500rpm  See Video

This 587 BBC made 860Hp at 6200rpm See Video

Back in the day and still today to a lesser extent you could hop up your street car and go drag racing, but it has become less poplar.

What is popular is modifying cars for drift racing.

The Chev LS3 engine is fantastic for this purpose and these engine are being swapped into all kinds of import cars.

This $13,000 Turnkey LS3-426 made 680Hp at 6500rpm  hitting the rev limiter   See Video

Dart Block Ford 460 Windsor

Made 545Hp 612Tq on Propane/LPG/Autogas

See Video

I Specialize In Supplying Performance Engines Worldwide, Specifically To Australia and New Zealand Also To Europe,

but I have Also Shipped To Russia And I Supply Gen 3 LS Engines To China For Off Road Racing.

I Build Both Wicked Powerful Monsters And More Modest Lower Cost Hopped Up Mills.

I Focus On Exporting Because I Can Really Help You Reduce The Final Price You Pay.

I'll Supply You The Combination Of Parts & Labor At American Pricing.

No Middleman Markup Or Importation Fees Added To The Cost.

I Send The Motor At Minimal Shipping Cost In A Car Transport Container, Safer Than General Shipping Companies.

All Combined This Reduces The GST You Pay.

I Have Found Over The Last 12 Years That People Who Buy Engines From Me Do So After Emails And Phone Calls.

I Provide A Few Pages Of Engine Examples, but Email Me And Tell Me What You Want.

My Pricing Is Competitive In The US, But It Is Much Lower Than V8 Engines Can Be Built Overseas.

I Build Many Of The Engines Myself, However I Also Have A Network Of Engine Builders I Work With Who Build Engines For Me.

Look For "LINK BARS" Though Out This Site For Examples Of Engines I can Supply. Bottom Line.

If You Want Something You Need To Email Me.

My cell phone number is 760-508-4562 I'm Not Selling Engines From This Website I Build Or Supply For Specific Request, So You Need To Contact Me.

I Am A Customer Engine Builder And Auto Parts Exporter, I Am Also Involved In Other Projects.

I Only Build A limited Number Of Engines Each Year.

If You Are Looking For Something Special Or Looking For A Good Deal, Write Or Phone And Find Out If I'm Your "Go-To Guy".

Compare my quote and combination to the big companies and see if you don't get more for your money.

I am John Nijssen aka Stroker John.

Cell Phone Number USA 1-760-508-4562

I Have Been Providing Performance V8 Engine Solutions Since 2001.       

I am not limited to what I build.

I mostly build motors for overseas, however I still build plenty of engines for the American market.

I am selling my services, I build performance V8 engines, I do not have engines for sale.

I am not going to try to talk you into anything, I am not a salesman, I am an engine builder who is self employed.

I am not a boss, I work alone, but hire other shops to help me as I have tons of builds to complete.

I mentioned on the front page I built this website.

I am not selling engines from this site, it's provide information and enjoyment.

I use multiple machine shops depending on what I need done.

I use CPR Engines to do my block work as they have a Rottler CNC blueprinting machine

and a diamond hone and know how to use it.

This is critical when using plasma-moly rings. See Video

I will buy other builders engines for you and ship them if that is a better solution for you.

There are shops building reliable "create" or "budget" motors using resources I can not match, so I ally with them.

Be caution the warranty on low cost builds is not very useful.

I will buy things from ebay, racingjunk and craislist if you see something there.

 This is my new website, I haven't finished it yet.

It is a little self indulgent, but I did it myself and wanted to show I am unique.

I realize you are looking for an engine and the question on your mind is "what does it cost?"

I don't sell engines I build them.

You can look on Proformance Unlimited or ATK or The Engine Factory etc website and see what they sell their engines for.

I build more power for a little lower cost.

I add 5% to my cost of the parts, plus whatever labor is involved and there is the price.

Short answer $5000 to $25,000

How much are you planning on spending?  Write to me for a estimate.

I'm sure you are looking at other engine websites.

You will see some builders selling at higher prices than others,  but most have similar pricing.

That is because that's what that specific combination cost after adding a little profit to pay for the rent.

This website is intended to get you, if you are seriously looking to build a powerful engine to email me.

I prefer emails because I have a record of what was said.

So look through the site, I have photos and videos of past builds, but I've never built two motors the same.

What are you looking for, more power or less cost.

Email me at

Cell Phone Number 1-760-508-4562

I do supercharged engines, GMC Procharger Whipple Torqstorm.

Automatic Transmission Gear Ratios

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Reverse
C-4 & C-62.461.461.00

The New LT4 650Hp Supercharged Engine Now Available

I'm often asked what CID should I get.

In my opinion it really is a question of how much torque the drive train can handle.

A 350 or 650 CID motor can handle 6000rpm so that's not the issue.

More CID makes more torque. More torque is harder to get traction.

Once you have traction, then you can start breaking things.

See this page DynoTests

I would love to build a late model Hemi for the Australian Chryslers

This was a Funny Car I pepped for an overseas buyer See Video


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I also supply transmissions.

The Art Carr TH200R4 is a great choice.