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I Reply To Every Email.
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Genuine American Made Parts

1952 Oldsmoble Rocket 

Middle East

522 CID BBC 

 I'll sell you Don Hampton blowers at his advertised price.

SBC Polished Kit $3400US

I build some very unique engines.

See my youtube site. Click Here

Used engines from ebay

 I find Race Cars

These are only examples

Long Expired

Buick 470 CID


Australia Ford Cleveland 408 CID

USA Engines NZ

Recently shipped to the South Island

Dodge 440 Trickflow CNC ported heads.

No one else over there will have a set of these and at the super low price I got him and NO GST.

Mechanical to Electronic Fuel Injection Conversions

Australia Ford 427W

Be seeing you

Christchurch. $15,000NZ

LQ9 Block GM CNC Ported LS3 Heads, I Made The Zoomies. For Boat.

1962 327 Chev Stroked to 388 With Ported Stock Heads


If you looked this far down this page you have learned I'm not your average get the money engine builder, I am generous in all that I do.

Gibsone Aluminum Block Aluminum Rods Short Block $10,000NZ

Auckland $28,000NZ

632 Big Block Chev 

Australia 420 CID 6-71

 Silvester is currently advertising an LS3 430Hp $12,900 NZ, but the price is out of date, however using it as a comparison.
At the time I could have sold you that motor for $10,810NZ, waiting for pickup at Kiwi Shipping, meaning including freight.

I see Silvester's price does not include GST.
AT 15% $12900NZ becomes $14,835 and from me $12,320NZ.

YOU SAVE $2515

It is possible to bring in an American car and not swap the steering wheel, but great care to match the requirements must be made.

Auckland. $12,000NZ

Ford 4.6L With CNC Ported Heads.

Ford Winsor Block Yates c3 Heads 735Hp

Special Interest Vehicles

You may be able to import and register such a vehicle without needing an exemption, but to do so you will need to meet a number of specific conditions and apply for a special interest vehicle permit.

What requirements have to be met?
Requirements that the vehicle must meet

To have a vehicle identified as a special interest vehicle, the NZ Transport Agency must deem it to have historic value or it must meet three of the following four requirements:

The vehicle (or its make, model and submodel) is identified as being a collector's item in one of the following magazines or their respective websites – Australian classic car, Car and driver (US), Automobile (US), Motor (Australia),  Motor trend (US), New Zealand autocar, New Zealand classic car, Road and track (US), Top gear (UK), Top gear NZ,Unique cars (Australia) or Wheels (Australia).

The vehicle's make and model has been (or was) manufactured in annual volumes of 20,000 units or less.

The vehicle is, and was manufactured as, a two-door coupe or a convertible.

The vehicle is, and was manufactured as, a high-performance vehicle.

You may be requested to submit additional information.

See the other requirements for importing a vehicle into New Zealand

You must also comply with the following requirements:

You must be a New Zealand citizen or resident.

You must not have received a special interest vehicle permit during the two years before your application.

You must have another vehicle (eg car, ute, minivan) for your everyday use.

You must not have any other special interest vehicle registered in your name.

You must prove the other necessary standards for the vehicle year.

Which LHD vehicles are allowed to be registered in New Zealand?

Under Land Transport Rule: Steering Systems (2001), it's generally illegal to register a LHD vehicle for use on New Zealand roads. However, the rule allows some specific categories of LHD vehicles to be registered and operated. The main categories are listed below.

Category A: Special interest light vehicles less than 20 years old

The vehicle must be class MA, and be issued with a category A left-hand drive vehicle permit by the Transport Agency, and
be manufactured in a country other than New Zealand less than 20 years before the vehicle is certified for entry in New Zealand.

The vehicle must not be operated in a transport service and must be registered in the name of the person who obtained the original category A LHD permit for a period of four years.

Requirements that the vehicle must meet

To issue a vehicle with a category A LHD vehicle permit, the Transport Agency must either deem it to have historic value, or it must be a vehicle that was not manufactured in right-hand drive form that meets three of the following four requirements:

the vehicle (or its make, model and submodel) is identified as being a collector's item in a commercially produced motoring publication
the vehicle's make, model and submodel has been (or was) manufactured in annual volumes of 20,000 units or less
the vehicle is, and was manufactured as, a two-door coupe or a convertible
the vehicle is, and was manufactured as, a high-performance vehicle.

The Transport Agency may issue up to 500 category A LHD vehicle permits per year.

Find out more about obtaining a Category A LHD vehicle permit

Category B: Light vehicles that are 20 years old or more

These are light vehicles that were manufactured 20 years or more before the vehicle is certified in New Zealand.

The vehicle must be class MA, MB or MC with a gross vehicle mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes, or a class NA vehicle, that was manufactured in a country other than New Zealand 20 years or more before the vehicle is certified.

The vehicle must not be operated in a transport service.

Ford FE manifold adapter to use Cleveland tunnel ram for a dragster soon to hit the tracks.


I am John Nijssen from Timaru. I have lived in California since 1982.
At the beginning of the 21st century, I began building performance V8 engines specializing for overseas clients.
I have been building engines for 40 years, I did my apprenticeship at Smith regrinds in Christchurch.

I wrote this webpage to show New Zealanders I can provide V8 engines at the best pricing they will find anywhere.
Most V8 engines sold in NZ a Chevs and are either GM crate motors or Blueprint Engines which is Marshall Engines of Nebraska. They are a large company and focus on building the lowest cost engines.
While I can build engines using the same cheap parts, I just leave those engines to them and the others.
Pro Comp and Speedmaster are the same company and have the cheapest Chinese parts anywhere. 
I have been forced to use some of them in the past, and usually, regret it having to re-machine them to make them work.

Proformance Unlimited are quality engines, and you will pay more for one of them, than for a more powerful engine from me.
I've looked on the NZ websites, including trademe where you can by a V8 engine and I've talked to Tony Marsh about his pricing. There is no way you can buy from them for less than from me.

On this page I feature some of the engines I have sent to NZ, I can't show them all, scroll down and see how full this page has already become.
Even if you are not in the market for an engine I hope you enjoy the contents.
If you need a V8 engine I can either supply you one of those GM crate engines at a lower price OR build you a real performance motor, Chev, Ford, Buick, whatever.
No need to stuff a Chev motor in your Ford, do it right get a powerful Windsor, Cleveland or big block, even an FE.
If you want a used engine found on say eBay, like a Camaro or Mustang engine I can help you out. I can get you a supercharged LSA engine from a Cadillac.   

 I can also supply Transmissions. Accessories kits. ECU packages. Superchargers. EFI Systems. Cars. Diffs. 

 I can get you stuff from Summit Racing and ocean ship it for less money than paying Summit air freight.

Then there is eBay, craigslist Racingjunk etc. All that cheap used stuff.
If you need used stuff I'll look for it for you.

I can get used LS engines from the largest supplier in the Los Angeles area.

LS.3s are lower cost than large CID motor because they are less popular here.

This might be perfect for you. Write with any questions.

I am not limited to just engine products.
I've sent cars to Australia, sent EFI systems to England, engine rebuild kits to Russia, wheels to Sweden.
Currently (Sept 2016) the NZ to US dollar 7.23, so $10,000NZ buys $7230US. 

Rising oil prices will strengthen the US dollar so the exchange will likely not improve.

Now 12/2018 $6848

I don't mess with taking a cut for exchanging currency.
I run transactions through https://www.ofx.com/en-nz
I have found this is the best way to send money without additional fees.
You can use a bank to bank wire transfer but there are additional fees.

I can accept a credit card but it will cost you an additional fees charged by PayPal

The cost of ocean shipping an engine pallet to NZ is approx. $500NZ
You pay them directly, no profit taking by me.
As you know GST is 15% there and is based on the declared value.

Plus $295 in NZ government unavoidable fees.

Think about that, the government makes way more money motors than I do.

As a New Zealander I know how we are, we think we can get this cheaper if I do it myself.
As an old man, I've learned that is not always true.

You can contact Summit Racing or Jegs and buy directly from them and pay for air shipping, or you can contact me for an estimate for putting a bunch of stuff in a box or on a pallet and ocean ship it for way less.
Think of me as your go-to guy in the States. If I can help and save you a buck, great!

My stock and trade is building performance V8 engines, see the rest of my website, I do this on the side.
You are welcome to phone me but consider the time difference, I'm not getting out of bed to answer the phone.

 $1500N Z(before shipping) Holley  EFI Systems

 GM built 502 with Forged Steel Crank, 7/16 bolt Rods, Forged Pistons, Hydraulic Roller Cam.

I changed the Cam and Springs and add a Hampton 8-71 Blower.

737Tq - 675Hp @ 5000 RPM underdrive

780Tq 745Hp @ 5000 RPM overdrive




Used LSA with six-speed automatic $17,4000NZ

Whangarei. $12,000NZ

MK 1 348 Chev 

The Best Performance Parts

Kiwi Shipping delivers engines to New Zealand. Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch via Lyttelton


 I have access NEW and USED

 CNC Ported LS3 Heads


Big Block Ford Turnkey 503CID $7500NZ

Ruapuna 1980



Chev 396 Stroked to 468

Australia 600Hp 427 SB Chev

If you are in Austraia or Europe I can do my best for you as well.

Click For MyYouTube Page

I know the folk over at Good Vibrations.
However if you call Alky Digger and say you know me they will be happy to provide technical advice even though you bought all your stuff from Good Vibrations, how cool is that.


Big Block Mopar 525CID 8-71 Blower Predator Carbs.


Performance V8 Stroker Engines Built In The USA Shipped To New Zealand

​American Pricing


760 CID BBC 14-71 EFI

Australia LS 2 Twin Carbs

I build Banks Twin Turbocharged Chev Motors

The Kiwi Accent