FAST Duel Sync Distributor for Ford 351W

Manifold Spacer Plates For Cleveland Heads

BBC Accel EFI Manifold Oval Port

Throttle Body & Fuel Rails

55lbs/Hr Injectors

These FAST dual-sync billet distributors are an easy, drop-in, plug-and-play solution for fully sequential high performance V8 electronic fuel injection engine applications. They feature reluctors and pickups that have been properly aligned right out of the box, so you don't have to set crankshaft reference angles or phasing in the rotor prior to installation. The FAST dual-sync billet distributors have housings that are CNC-machined from high-quality 6061-T6 billet aluminum and include adjustable slip collars to ensure perfect cam gear alignment. Using high-output magnetic pickups to generate high-capacity, noise-resistant, discrete switching signals for the FAST XFI ECU, they offer extremely precise ignition timing and long life. Deliver strong, powerful energy to your spark plug wires with one of these FAST dual-sync billet distributors. 

LT1 Chev Hydaulic Roller Cam 227/227 @ .050

Big Block Chev Flat Tappet Cam

The Above Heads are a Comparison Option for Dyno Testing This Chev 350 11.5:1 Engine Design to make Max Torque at 2000

The Engine was a prototype Design for Use Driving a Water Pump or Electric Generator Running on Natural Gas.

It Can Run on LPG or E85

The Intake Manifold Show Make The Maximum Possible Torque

A new GM LSA Engine is advertised at $11,400 and the ECM kit is $1300

Big Block Ford 500 CID 9.5:1 CR

Factory Iron Heads with 2.25" Intake Valve.

Exhaust Port Opened Up

Cast Steel Crank

6.700" Rods

KB Hypereutectic Pistons.

Flat Tappet Cam 218/224

Performer RPM Manifold

Cleveland 2V Open Chamber

SBC Valve Covers

Edelbrock Carburetor

Two Mis-Match Ford Racing Head. Kind of Cleveland Style.

Only Real Difference is the Exhaust Port Height

And Matching Manifold

These are RHS heads with reduced intake ports designed to make max torque at 2000RPM

Occasionally complete used system become available.

This new P-1SC Procharger kit goes for $3800

Big Block Chev Small Lobe Solid Roller Cam with Lots of Duration.

Cleveland 4V Closed Chamber

SB Chev Solid Roller Cam with Iron Distributor Friendly Gear

261/265 688" lift with 1.6:1 Rockers.

Ford 351W Hydraulic Roller Cam


BBC Heads MK5  Rectangle Port


& Ignition System

Chrsler 383 with Torqueflite & 4WD Transfercase. $500US

I pick these up for about $1000

If I don't do any work on it I'll resell it for $1200

It cost $100 to ship to NZ

It does not include the top cover with the intercooler.

A complete new kit is $6250

​Aftermarket kits like Procharger and Whipple 

L29 BBC Heads

LS Turbocharger

Used Takeoff GM LS3/6.2L Superchargers

New Power Brake Booster & Master Cylinder

For 1973 Chevelle

Chev LT1 Block. Torqueplate/Diamond Honed to 4.030

Decked to 9.00" Alignbored. 383 Stroker Clearanced $500US

Cleveland 4V Semi-Open Chamber with Cheap Port Stuffers.

Whipple Screw Compressors are the best

but start at $7500

Garage Sale​

Edelbrock - Ford - Yates - NASCAR

Ported Spider Intake Manifold

Probably fit Windsor

CHI Dominator Manifold New

Probably 9.200 Deck Height Block

AFR Ford Exhaust Valves. Stainless Steel

1.600" - 5.025" long.  Dyno time only.

Gen 5 & 6 BBC Timing Cover

MKIV Steel Timing Cover

New. Used for painting blocks

305 Chev Swirl Port Heads, good condition, small chamber work great on 327

Ford 9" 3rd Member

NOT Nodular Iron

3.25:1 Ratio


BBC Heads

More below

440 Dodge stock type starter motor

Big Block Chev

STD Oil Pump           Holley Fuel Pump

Brand New Valve Covers 2 Sets

Ford Roller Tip Rockers 1.72:1 were on a Cleveland

I had these pistons made for a Ford 434M using 6.300.

I put it together then changed my mind and had another set of pistons made and 6,800 rods made.

Pistons cost $800, will take scrap metal value on them

SBC                    Cam Belt Drive                                                   

                            Noisy Gear Drive    

            Crank Trigger Ignition                                                              Solid Roller Lifter & Rev Kit still OK                

Like many garage sell this page is a bit untidy to hunt through

but scroll down and see if you see anything you want.  

Most Things Are MAKE AN OFFER As It Will Depend On The Country You Live In For The Final Price.

If you are looking for something write and ask.

Small Block Chev rod Bolts