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Carbs do not flow the advertised amount.:-
750 = 920cfm
850 = 1050cfm
950 = 942cfm
1000 = 1030cfm
1050 = 1213cfm
1150 = 1272cfm
1250 = 1372cfm


fast_lube.jpgI use CMW OIL products in the assembly of my engine just like the top NASCAR teams do.
It cost more to build an engine this way, but it makes for a longer lasting slightly more powerful engine.

CMW Oil Company has released a new formulated engine treatment that has no MOLY or PTFE. Entech   Engine Oil Additive adjusts its properties under varying conditions in such a way that the chemical bond formed within the protective film become much harder with increasing pressure. When pressure pushes down on it, it can push back because its bonds get ever tighter with more pressure.

Entech is compatible with all synthetic and standard motor oil to achieve outstanding wear control, resistance to thermal breakdown at high operating temperatures and cleanliness that are demanded by today’s sophisticated modern aluminum or steel engines, Rated for gasoline and diesel engines.

  • No Molybdenum Disulphide
  • Increases fuel mileage
  • Extra protection for turbochargers
  • Increases protection during break-in
  • Reduces frictional values
  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Compatible with petroleum and synthetic lubricants
  • Completely oil soluble   

It will raise the quality of any oil to be suitable for your expensive high performance engine.Orignally intended for diesel engines Shell Rotella T has proven it's self in petrol engines and only cost about a the same as crappy oil.

Adding a bottle of CMW OIL ENGINE ADDITIVE to any oil makes it way better.
I can provide you with CMW OIL Entech Engine Oil Additive EA37580E
with your motor at $15 a bottle or $14 in groups of 4.

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The Very Best Petroleum Oil I know of is


It has the best possible additive package (API) ZINI & BORON
Pure Power! SAE 10W/30 CI-4/SL* Motor Oil is API Licensed for Long Drain and Energy Conserving. Pure Power! has an extremely high TBN/Alkaline Reserve (13+) which effectively neutralizes corrosive acids to protect bearings and other vital surfaces. Pure Power! extends motor oil change intervals 2-4 times, lowers operating temperatures, lowers emissions, increases fuel mileage and increases horsepower. These are just some of the benefits from using Pure Power
&While Pure Power does cost more than cheap oil, combined with their Filter, the oil change interval is EXTENDED TO 12,000 MILES! This means it will eventually safe you money, but more importantly it is saving your engine ESPECIALLY big truck engines!

The Last Oil Filter You Will Every Need To Buy For Your Engine.
Turn any road into a Drag Strip


The G-Tech/Pro SS FANATIC PRECISION SERIES is a cutting edge tuning tool designed to make a professional test driver out of you. It has a true 10Hz GPS engine and measures Horsepower, Torque, 60 ft times, 1/8 and 1/4 mile times, 0-60 & 0-100-0 mph, RPMs, handling G's, braking distance and more. Included items:
  • SS Performance Meter
  • Mounting System
  • DC cigarette lighter power cord
  • User manual
  • Contact me to order @ $200
  • Having 60ft times means less speed required for testing modifications



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